Technology Skills

Technology to Enhance Learning

I’m always thinking about how I can bring excitement to my classroom and engage students through the use of technology.

While teaching fifth grade, I had student laptops in my classroom which were used daily to enhance learning experiences. My students enjoyed doing research, reading e-books, and using interactive learning tools. I maintained a classroom Fusion Page, which allowed students and parents to send me messages, ask questions, and to obtain important classroom information.

In first grade, we regularly use Chrome-books for our reading and math programs. Students also get the opportunity to do web based research during writing. I also had a Smart Board and document camera which I used for daily instruction in all subjects. I am confident in using and managing technology in my classroom and embrace new programs.

My Skills:

I enjoy exploring new programs and fixing problems on my own. I was often known around the building as a resource to teachers who weren’t comfortable with technology. I installed several document cameras and Proxima projectors, and I even got a fellow teacher’s class website up and running for her.

  • Google Docs (all types)
  • Word Processing (Word)
  • Spreadsheets (Excel)
  • Electronic Presentation (Prezi, PowerPoint)
  • Web Site Design (Moodle, FusionPages, Wikispaces, Blogs)
  • Email Management (Outlook)
  • Video Conferencing (Skype, Google Hangouts)
  • Digital Camera, Scanner, Projector and Document Camera knowledge
  • Course Management Systems (eSchoolPlus, NCWise, Blackboard, Power School)
  • Video Editing (Movie Maker)
  • Video Streaming (Discovery Education Streaming)

I’m confident that I can become comfortable with any technology that is available in my future classrooms. I use technology daily to instruct effectively, to motivate students, and to create new materials.