Teaching Philosophy

My Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, I educate, motivate, and praise my students. I aim to inspire every student to become a lifelong learner. The most rewarding aspect of being an educator is the satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from providing valuable learning opportunities to students.  Watching  the growth of my students will always be rewarding and motivating.

Educate: I’m a firm believer that exceptional classroom management techniques are the foundation for a positive and productive learning environment. I dedicate time to ensuring that my students are aware of classroom expectations and procedures so that I can teach effectively. It’s important that my students feel like they are part of a community in my classroom. I build positive relationships with my students and ensure that they are in a safe, fair and accepting place. I believe each and every student is capable of learning. My goal as a teacher is to ensure that each of my students reach his or her academic potential. I believe in the power of academic interventions and I use intervention strategies with my struggling students to build their skills and confidence.  As an educator, my goal is to promote an active learning environment where students are encouraged to explore concepts by asking questions and experimenting with ideas.

Praise: It’s important to build students’ self-esteem, especially in lower elementary grades when new skills are emerging. I praise each of my students often. I use verbal praises to tell my students how smart they are and how proud they make me. I also write students positive notes and praise their behavior or academic skills to their parents whenever possible. Positive reinforcement and praise has been an effective way for me to manage student’s behavior, build confidence, and promote learning. I can still remember how good it made me feel when my elementary teachers praised my work.

Motivate: I’m a huge believe in hands-on learning because students who are fully engaged in the learning process are motivated to learn more. Intrinsic motivation is genuine and I strive to build this in each of my students. I praise students and encourage them to be proud of their work. While I focus on appealing to my student’s intrinsic motivation, I also use extrinsic motivators when appropriate.

Inspire: As a teacher, I strive to be an inspiration to my students. One must remember that during the week, some students spend more time in the classroom than at home and it’s important that they have positive role models. To inspire my students, I present an engaging curriculum, build a positive relationship with each student and show my genuine enthusiasm for learning. While education enables students to become successful in life, it should also teach them how to be responsible, caring members of society. I show my students how to be good citizens by participating in service learning projects and teaching them the importance of caring for their community. I prove to my students that I’m a lifelong learning by sharing my writing with them and talking about my favorite books.